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Terminologies of Criminal Code English-Chinese Glossary Table

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  • Last updated:2019-01-09
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English Chinese (中文)
Criminal Code 刑法
General Provisions 總則
Application of the Code 法例
Criminal Responsibility 刑事責任
Attempt 未遂犯
Joint Offenders 共犯
Recidivism 累犯
Combined Punishment for Several Offences 數罪併罰
Sentence of Punishment and Its Increase and Reduction 刑之酌科之加減
Suspension of Punishment 緩刑
Parole 假釋
Statute of Limitations 時效
Rehabilitative Measures 保安處分
Specific Offenses 分則
Offenses Against the Internal Security of the State 內亂罪
Offenses Against the External Security of the State 外患罪
Offenses of Interference with Relations with Other States 妨害國交罪
Offenses of Malfeasance in Office 瀆職罪
Offenses of Obstructing an Officer in Discharge of Duties 妨害公務罪
Offenses of Interference with Voting 妨害投票罪
Offenses of Interference with Public Order 妨害秩序罪
Offenses of Escape 脫逃罪
Offenses of Concealment of Offences and Destruction of Evidence 藏匿人犯罪及湮滅證據罪
Offenses of Perjury and Malicious Accusation 偽證及誣告罪
Offenses Against Public Safety 公共危險罪
Offenses of Counterfeiting Currency 偽造貨幣罪
Offenses of Counterfeiting Securities 偽造有價証卷罪
Offenses of Falsifying Weights and Measures 偽造度量衡罪
Offenses of Forging Instruments or Seals 偽造書印文罪
Sex Offenses 妨害風化罪
Offenses Against Marriage and Family 妨害婚姻及家庭罪
Offenses Against Religion, Graves, and Corpses 褻瀆祀典及侵害墳墓屍體罪
Offenses Against Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce 妨害農工商罪
Offenses Relating to Opium 鴉片罪
Offenses of Gambling 賭博罪
Offenses of Homicide 殺人罪
Offenses of Causing Bodily Harm 傷害罪
Offenses of Abortion 墮胎罪
Offenses of Desertion 遺棄罪
Offenses Against Abandonment 妨害自由罪
Offenses Against Reputation and Credit 妨害名譽及信用罪
Offenses Against Privacy 妨害秘密罪
Offenses of Larceny 竊盜罪
Offenses of Abrupt Taking, Robbery and Piracy 搶奪、強盜及海盜
Offenses of Criminal Conversion 侵占罪
Offenses of Fraudulent, Breach of Trust, Taking, and Usury 詐欺背信及重利罪
Offenses of Extortion and Kidnapping for Ransom 恐嚇及擄人勒贖罪
Offenses of Receiving Stolen Property 贓物罪
Offenses of Destruction, Abandonment, and Damage of Property 毀棄損壞罪
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