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Terminologies of Criminal Procedure English-Chinese Glossary Table

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  • Last updated:2019-01-09
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English Chinese (中文)
The Code of Criminal Procedure 刑事訴訟法
General Provisions 通則
Jurisdiction Of Courts 法院管轄
Disqualification of Court Officers 法院職員之迴避
Documents 文書
Service 送達
Party 當事人
Defendant 被告
Private Prosecutor 自訴人
Prosecutor 檢察官
Defense Attorney 辯護人
Agent 告訴代理人
Assistant 輔佐人
Witness 證人
Victim 被害人
Prosecutor Investigator 檢察事務官
Judicial Police Officer 司法警察官
Judge 法官
Expert Witness 鑑定人
Interpreter 通譯
Prosecutors' Order 強制處分
Summon 傳喚
Examination of Accused 訊問
Arrest with a Warrant 拘提
Arrest 逮捕
Circular Order 通緝
Detention of Accused 羈押
Bail 交保
Commit the Accused to the Custody of 責付
With a Limitation on Someone's Residence 限制住居
Physical Examination 身體檢查
Detention of an Accused for Expert Examination 留置鑑定
Search 搜索
Seizure 扣押
Expert Examination 鑑定
Inspection 勘驗
Perpetuation of Evidence 證據保全
Investigation Concluded 偵查終結
Not to prosecuted 不起訴
Deferred Prosecution 緩起訴
Indictment 起訴
Apply for Summary Judgment 聲請簡易判決處刑
Apply for Reconsideration of the Ruling 聲請再議
Ex Officio Send the Ruling for Reconsideration 職權送再議
Setting for Trail 交付審判
Judiciary Proceedings 審判程序
Preliminary Proceeding 準備程序
Regular Proceeding 通常程序
Summary Procedure 簡易程序
Private Prosecution 自訴
Public Prosecution 公訴
Appeal 上訴
Interlocutory Apppeal 抗告
Retrial 再審
Extraordinary Apppeal 非常上訴
The First Instance 第一審
The Second Instance 第二審
The Third Instance 第三審
Execution 執行
Supplementary Civil Action 附帶民事訴訟
Trial 審判
Surrender Oneself up to Justice 自首
Confession 自白
Convert Imprisonment into Fine 易科罰金
Sentenced Person 受刑人
Mediation Mechanism 調解程序
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